Thursday, October 22, 2009

My fan-fic for the Phantom. Or... my phan-phic for the Phantom. :)

I was extremely disappointed (depressed in the extreme, you know) when the Phantom died at the end of the book.
Therefore, I am going to say that he didn't die. And this is what happened after he didn't die.

Time held no value - living no weight. There was pain in every step, longing in every thought, despair in every feeling. He did not know how long it had been since she had left him, how many years it had been since she was gone. Neither, truly, did he care any more. Being the Angel of Music had long since lost its value to him: he had given up singing and inventing. He took up collecting all sorts of things. The compartment on the edge of the opera house was full in the extreme. He had perfected his most prized possession (the mask which made him look like any other man) only so that he could walk among the other people unnoticed.

I know it's not much, but I haven't really had time to perfect it so that it flows right. :)
Tell me what you think!


"Think of autumn when the trees are green.
Don't think about the way things might have been.
Think of me,
Think of me fondly
When we say goodbye....."


Cassie said...

It's beautiful...and sad. It was short, but it was full of a message!

Katherine Alice said...

Its really good, but I think its still depressing that he lives on in sadness...

Anonymous said...

lol. wait till the rest of the story. :)
he runs into this boy (a thief) who is absolutely HILARIOUS!!! so he really takes to him.
i'll edit what i have as soon as possible!

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence. I've met with a great friend of mine this weekend, and we watched the Phantom of the Opera. We liked it so much we've printed the lyrics and have been all weekend singing them! :D

Anonymous said...

lol. :) sounds like something my friends and i do... i love the movie....

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