Thursday, June 3, 2010

A few Quizzes...

I was browsing around quizzes today, and I came across this one: Which Phantom of the Opera character are You?
I came up as Madame Giry. I can't really tell whether to be happy about this or not...
Madame Giry: You're biggest quality is your compassion. You are a mother-like figure to many. People are drawn to you for your wisdom and advise. You do not turn people away, and could never abandon anyone. 

Go HERE to find your results!

Let me know who you come up as!!! I love these things. :D

be blessed in your endeavors,

"No more talk of darkness, 
Forget these wide eyed fears.
I'm here, with you beside you
To guard you and to guide you..."

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Look at the Desktop Background on my Laptop...

So, what do you all think? There was also a really pretty option of a picture of Christine and Raoul dancing at the Masquerade Ball, but since Erik is so amazing, I had to go for this picture of him with Christine. I'm really happy with it!!!

Pitiful creature of darkness,
What kind of life have you known?
God give me courage to show you,
You are not alone...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Phantom Ice Dancing at the Olymipics

I was reading some old comments and I came across this one in particular:
Blogger Clare said...
hey everyone, I posted her a while perhaps you remember... anyway, I was completely glued to the olympics in vancouver, and i thought of this blog while watching the ice dancing portion. Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White danced to the Phantom of the Opera and the Music of the Night. If you didn't see it, here's the link: I was really blown away by their performance, but they came in second.
March 2, 2010 9:02 AM

Pitiful creature of darkness,
What kind of life have you known?
God give me courage to show you,
You are not alone...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cassie's Thoughts on 'Love Never Dies'

Even though it is slightly overdue, here are my thoughts on the new Love Never Dies musical.

Of course, I was naturally excited when it came out. It's the sequel to one of the best musicals/books, etc. ever! Andrew Lloyd Webber is a genius and I could only expect spectacular music from him... It had to be wonderful!

Unfortunately, after reading the plot summary from Wikipedia that I posted HERE, I have decided that I will most likely never see the Love Never Dies musical on stage. I hate the fact that they changed Meg's and Madame Giry's characters and that (even though Raoul was never my favorite character) that he was turned into a drunk and a selfish, weak man. Even though he was never the best of characters (he was whiny and jealous) he was always brave and self-less and he truly loved Christine with his whole heart. I also am not fond of the relationship implied between Christine and Erik... just too much going on there with Gustave, etc.

Anyway, with that being said, I must admit that I have heard some of the music already and I think that it is stunning. I'll probably purchase my favorite songs from iTunes, but I will not be listening to the musical as a whole like I do with 'Phantom'. Sorry, 'Love Never Dies' just isn't the same...

Oh! There is a poll on the sidebar asking what you think of 'Love Never Dies' I'd love to see everyone's thoughts, so VOTE! =D

Pitiful creature of darkness,
What kind of life have you known?
God give me courage to show you,
You are not alone...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Love Never Dies Plot (Contains Spoilers!!!)

If you are planning to watch Love Never Dies and don't want the ending ruined for you, then read no further. If you are like me, anyhow, who is not planning on traveling to the West End to see it, or to go to New York when it opens in the USA next year, and yet you are dying to know the story, then this post is for you.


The following is from the Love Never Dies musical page on Wikipedia:

Act I

In a brief prelude, Madame Giry walks along an abandoned pier recalling Phantasma, Coney Island's 'City of Wonders' ("Prologue"). She is then confronted by Fleck, a freak who once worked with her there, who reminds her of 'the good old days' and blames her for 'what happened.' The audience is transported back in time through "The Coney Island Waltz."

It is now ten years after the events at the Paris Opera House, and the setting is at Phantasma on Coney Island in New York. An excited group of vacationers arrive overwhelmed at everything that Phantasma has to offer, and speculate about its reclusive, masked owner - known only as Mr. Y ("Heaven by the Sea"). Meg Giry, Christine Daae's friend from the Opera, is now a headlining performer at Phantasma with Madame Giry, her mother and the Opera's ballet mistress, at her side.

As Meg prepares for her performance, she wonders what the boss will think and states she will be performing "Only for Him." She wins the crowd over with her performance of "Only for You," and learns afterward that Madame Giry has arranged for her to "meet" an important client.

In "The Aerie," it is confirmed that the Phantom is Mr. Y, the mysterious creator and owner of Phantasma. In a dark, private lair in a tower high above the park, he interacts with an automaton that resembles Christine. In spite of the ten years that have passed and his many successes, he still longs to be reunited with her ("Til I Hear You Sing"). Meg intrudes and presses the Phantom to give feedback on her performance, but he dismisses her as an annoyance.

Madame Giry is irritated that the Phantom is still longing to be with Christine after all the help she has given him over the years ("Giry Confronts the Phantom/Til I Hear You Sing - Reprise"). She reveals that she and Meg helped smuggle him out of Paris and to a ship departing from Calais, where he made his escape to America. Ignoring Giry, the Phantom summons Fleck, who appears with two other freaks, Squelch and Gangle. The Phantom has them send a letter to Christine inviting her to come and perform at Phantasma.

Three months later, Christine, Raoul and their son, Gustave, arrive in New York to crowds of paparazzi ("Christine Disembarks"). It is revealed that Christine is no longer performing and that Raoul has spent much of their fortune on drinking and gambling. They are greeted by the freaks who arrive by a strange mechanical horse and carriage and take them to Coney Island ("Arrival of the Trio/Are You Ready to Begin?").

Raoul is angry at the way they have been greeted by the freaks and upsets Gustave by not playing with him ("What a Dreadful Town!"). In spite of Christine's pleas, Raoul leaves to go drinking as Christine tells Gustave to "Look With Your Heart" to try and help him understand his father’s behavior.

After Gustave leaves to go to bed, the Phantom enters and reveals that it was he who summoned her to sing at Phantasma. In "Beneath a Moonless Sky," the Phantom and Christine recall the night of passion they shared the day before her wedding. Early the next morning, Christine awoke prepared to abandon Raoul for the Phantom, but found that the Phantom had left her. He admits that he left because he was too afraid of being rejected by her again.

They recall that "Once Upon Another Time," they thought their love had a chance of succeeding, although current situations prevent that from happening. Gustave wakes up screaming from a nightmare and meets the Phantom for the first time as Mr. Y ("Mother Please, I'm Scared!"). The Phantom promises to show Gustave more of Phantasma the next day.

In the rehearsal studio for Phantasma, Meg unexpectedly reunites with Christine, and is surprised and jealous to learn she will be singing there. Raoul runs into Madame Giry and discovers it is the Phantom who has invited Christine to sing there ("Dear Old Friend"). Christine becomes concerned when Gustave goes missing. The freaks bring Gustave to the Aerie where he is greeted by the Phantom.

Gustave plays a haunting melody on the piano, which leads the Phantom to have a revelation that he could be Gustave's father ("Beautiful"). The Phantom questions Gustave about his feelings and musical abilities, finding that they are kindred spirits. He unmasks himself, believing Gustave will accept him ("The Beauty Underneath"). Gustave is horrified and screams.

Christine enters to comfort a terrified Gustave. When the Phantom presses her about Gustave, Christine confesses to the Phantom that Gustave is his son ("The Phantom Confronts Christine"). The Phantom declares that everything he owns will go to him. A furious Madame Giry overhears this and fears all of her work over the years for the Phantom has been for nothing.
[edit] Act II

Following the ("Entr'acte") we see Raoul sitting alone in a bar contemplating his relationship with Christine ("Why Does She Love Me?"). He is joined by Meg who suggests that he should leave that night with Christine and Gustave.

Raoul refuses, saying he is not afraid of the Phantom, who has since appeared behind the bar. The Phantom makes a bet with a drunken Raoul: if Christine sings Raoul must leave alone; if she doesn't then all their debts will be wiped away. He also makes Raoul question his paternity of Gustave ("Devil Take The Hindmost").

At the beach, it is the last day of the season and the holiday makers are enjoying the experience ("Heaven By The Sea - Reprise"). A balloon then lands on the beach and the freaks advertise that night's performance ("Ladies...Gents!/The Coney Island Waltz - Reprise"). That night, they present Meg, who performs a strip-tease routine about her choice of swimming costume ("Bathing Beauty").

Backstage, Madame Giry tells Meg that the Phantom had not been there to watch the performance, and it had all been for nothing ("Mother, Did You Watch?").

("Before the Performance"), Raoul asks Christine to reconsider her decision to sing, asks her to leave at once if she loves him. As Raoul leaves, the Phantom enters and tells Christine that Raoul knows his love is not enough and that she must sing for him once more.

Alone in her dressing room, Christine recalls the Paris Opera House where she had to make the difficult decision between Raoul and the Phantom. Backstage, Madame Giry, Raoul and the Phantom are wondering whether or not Christine will sing and who will win the bet.

As Christine prepares to perform, Meg makes a hurried exit ("Devil Take The Hindmost - Reprise"). Christine then walks on stage and performs an aria for the crowd ("Love Never Dies") while Raoul and the Phantom watch from the wings.

The Phantom greets an overwhelmed Christine following her triumphant performance. Christine finds a letter from Raoul stating that he has left for good. Christine realizes that Gustave is missing and becomes worried. Fleck reveals she had discovered Meg's dressing room smashed up and seen her with a small figure. Madame Giry believes she knows where she has taken him.

On a pier, a distraught Meg is preparing to drown Gustave when she is confronted by the others. She holds up a gun to them so that the Phantom will listen as she reveals the truth: the resources that Madame Giry has afforded him all these years have mainly come from Meg being forced to work secretly as a prostitute to supporters of Phantasma. The Phantom tries to get the gun from her but in the confusion Meg accidentally shoots Christine.

The Phantom rushes to a mortally wounded Christine as Meg watches, horrified by what she has done. Christine reveals to Gustave that the Phantom is his father. Her final words tell the Phantom that her love for him will never die. They have one final kiss, and she dies in his arms. The Phantom hands the body of Christine to Meg and he comforts Gustave who unmasks him as the curtain falls.


So, for those of you who have actually scrolled all of the way down and are reading this, this is my assignment for you:

If you are a follower and fellow Phan: Comment and tell us your thoughts? What about the show are you excited about, what bothers you or are you disappointed about?

If you are one of this blog's authors: Make a post telling us your impressions! I'm anxious to what you all like and dislike about the Love Never Dies idea. Over the next few days you can expect my post. I just need the time to write it up and assemble my musings... =D

Pitiful creature of darkness,
What kind of life have you known?
God give me courage to show you,
You are not alone...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Love Never Dies Trailer/Music Video

Pitiful creature of darkness,
What kind of life have you known?
God give me courage to show you,
You are not alone...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Love Never Dies!!!

For all of you Phantom Phans:

How excited are you all about the world premiere of 'Love Never Dies'!?!?!?!

I remember how, in February 2009, when I went to see 'Phantom' on stage, I got excited when I read in my programme that Andrew Lloyd Webber was creating the musical's sequel!

Little did I know then, that it would be over a year before it came out, and even then I would have to wait even longer to hear the music or even hope to see it one day.

Well, on March 9, the show 'Love Never Dies' made it's debut on the world stage.

I don't know too much about the show itself yet, nor have I heard much of the music, but it is to my understanding that the basic premise of the story is that the main characters from the original 'Phantom' return in the sequel. The events of this new show occur ten years hence from the mysteries of the prequel. Christine Daae (or "de Chagny", as she has since become) accepts an offer to preform on Coney Island. Unbeknownst to her, however, is that the Phantom is determined to prove that Love Never Dies...
(Cited from the official Love Never Dies website)
(Please also note that I used these pictures from the site above. They are from the acutall show and I do not own them.)

Anyway, I've checked out the album, but, much to my dismay, it is out of my budget for now (Saving for my trip to China and all... and a $20- $30 CD is too much) but I do hope to be able to purchase it sometime in the near future!

So, what do you all think of this new sequel? Are you excited? Doubtful? Giddy? Skeptical? I think that I am a pretty healthy mix of it all!!!

Pitiful creature of darkness,
What kind of life have you known?
God give me courage to show you,
You are not alone...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

First you gotta check this out.... second....

Okay... here....

You all must check this out.... 

Go look at the store, facts, and behind the scenes stuff...

(it is fully awesome) 


Second... (there we go)

pictures of possible somethings you all might enjoy....

personally... I liketh the third one :) 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some Questions about the device by which we can listen to the Phantom's voice

Here's some picture up for debate for the background of our playlist. I'm getting a bit bored of the plain old red, I don't really think it works in the style of this blog. So until we've decided, we have no playlist... sorry. Unless you just post here and say PUT THE PLAYLIST BACK, YOU STUPID PERSON! WE DON'T EVEN SEE IT AND I WANT TO LISTEN TO SOMETHING!!!
Which you can certainly do if you want. Just those exact words, keep it clean please. That's all I ask.
And if you find another picture you think might work better, please let us know! We'll need the URL for the picture. It would be much appreciated.

be blessed in your endeavors,

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some Cool Phantom Facts Every Phantom Phanatic Sould Know...

I found this on the Phantom's official website..... I thought I should share it ^^


Monday, February 15, 2010

Fireflower and watered candle

The Phantom has so often been affiliated with fire and strength and anger that sometimes, we forget his softer side, though when I think about it, I am blown away that I can actually think (or not think) such a thing.

Of course, we all know his Down Once More side, where he lets all his anger go in yelling with all his might and dragging Christine along (though I dare say she deserves it), and at that time we are a bit overwhelmed by that image of him. And the overwhelming images seem to stick with us, no matter how hard we try.

What's some of the first things that come to mind when we go to describe the Phantom? "He's a murderer, he went insane, he writes dark music, he yells." I mean, really? But we can't forget his Music of the Night side, can we? Are we really capable of forgetting his sad past and his longing and love for a girl who turns him down?

Listen to me, I'm pleading. With a group of people who all love him, too. Resonating in his love for Christine and imagining I was in her place is one of my favorite pass-times. ^^

Oh well, I just thought that these two pictures, these two complete opposite things (both in and of themselves and contrasted) somehow fit this subject.

I was also wondering if you thought that the Fireflower (as I named it) would be good as a header, if we worked with it a little.

Well, I suppose I shall take my leave of you for now.

Be blessed in your endeavors,

"You alone can make my song take flight...
Help me make the Music of the Night."

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sorry Everyone!

I am so sorry I hadn't fixed the background.... I completely forgot about it in all the Christmas chaos...

This one looks much better (personally), so let me know what you think!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Poll Results

This poll was not very successful, but I suppose it was quite a dumb poll :P

The Question:
Which is your favourite musical?

The Options and Answers:

Grease - 0 (0%)
Les Miserables - 1 (20%)
The Phantom of the Opera (!) - 4 (80%)
Strictly Ball-Room - 0 (0%)
Hair-Spray - 0 (0%)

As I said it was a dumb poll, but the results were so obvious that it was fun!


Monday, January 11, 2010


I'm not sure if I'm meant to be doing a post or not..... if I'm not, very sorry!
I made two polls the other week and I thought I would just post the results.

Poll One:

Which is your favourite song?

Angel of Music - 6 (66%)
Wishing you were somehow here again - 5 (55%)
Prima Donna - O (0%)
All I ask of you - 2(22%)
Masquerade - 2 (22%)
The Phantom of the Opera - 7 (77%)

With the obvious result that 'The Phantom of the Opera' won, followed by 'Angel of Music'.
Poll Two:

Which is one your favourite character?
Phantom (Erik) - 7 (87%)
Christine - 4 (50%)
Rauol - 2 (25%)
Meg - 2 (37%)
Carlotta (the Diva) - 0 (0%)
Andre and Firmin - 0 (0%)
Madame Giri - 1 (12%)

Again, with the obvious result that Phantom (Erik) won, followed by Christine.


His Music

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