Monday, January 11, 2010


I'm not sure if I'm meant to be doing a post or not..... if I'm not, very sorry!
I made two polls the other week and I thought I would just post the results.

Poll One:

Which is your favourite song?

Angel of Music - 6 (66%)
Wishing you were somehow here again - 5 (55%)
Prima Donna - O (0%)
All I ask of you - 2(22%)
Masquerade - 2 (22%)
The Phantom of the Opera - 7 (77%)

With the obvious result that 'The Phantom of the Opera' won, followed by 'Angel of Music'.
Poll Two:

Which is one your favourite character?
Phantom (Erik) - 7 (87%)
Christine - 4 (50%)
Rauol - 2 (25%)
Meg - 2 (37%)
Carlotta (the Diva) - 0 (0%)
Andre and Firmin - 0 (0%)
Madame Giri - 1 (12%)

Again, with the obvious result that Phantom (Erik) won, followed by Christine.



tinydancer said...

hehe...... yeah, those are fun. polls are some of my favorite parts of blogs...

Cassie said...

You're fine to be posting and thanks for making those polls and posting the results! I love finding out what the different members think...

Nana said...

Neat idea you guys have going here. I love the music of the Phantom of the Opera but have only seen the beginning of the 1920's horror version. I am not that into phantoms, but if you love the music of the Phantom of the Opera you should check out some of Andrew Lloyd Webber's other stuff. He has amazing talent

Rachael said...

Hi Nana,

Nice to see you here! I have heard some other Andrew Llyod Webber music such as Cats, Evita and a few more and {{love}} them!! He certainly is amazing with song writing, especially.
I recommend that you watch the Emmy Rossum movie; it is not 100% clean, but altogether it is a good movie :)
Hope to see you around more!

Rach xo

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