Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some Questions about the device by which we can listen to the Phantom's voice

Here's some picture up for debate for the background of our playlist. I'm getting a bit bored of the plain old red, I don't really think it works in the style of this blog. So until we've decided, we have no playlist... sorry. Unless you just post here and say PUT THE PLAYLIST BACK, YOU STUPID PERSON! WE DON'T EVEN SEE IT AND I WANT TO LISTEN TO SOMETHING!!!
Which you can certainly do if you want. Just those exact words, keep it clean please. That's all I ask.
And if you find another picture you think might work better, please let us know! We'll need the URL for the picture. It would be much appreciated.

be blessed in your endeavors,

"You alone can make my song take flight.
Help me make the music of the night.


Eldarwen said...


Anonymous said...

great! one vote for the first...... i think so too. :P


so i guess that would mean two votes... :/


never mind.

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