Sunday, December 6, 2009

Phantom Craft

This is my first post on "The Music of Friends"... finally feeling like a member :)
I am the fifth child in our family and my sister Bek (older than me by two years) draws a picture for us when we turn eighteen (I'm not quite there yet!). Matt had a painting of clowns, Karli had a drawing of Beethoven, and Jess had two drawings of Phantom. The first picture was a led pencil drawing, just to say "the main one will be late, so this is for you to console yourself with" and the second one was a charcoal drawing of Jess's favourite picture from the movie. Now, to stop rambling and get to the point, here are the photos:

The first, consoling picture. Hope you can see it okay?

The black things in the background are the bottom of music notes.

The main, charcoal drawing. Haven't I got a talented sister? (even though they look better in real life :)

All the best from your Phantom Phan,


Eldarwen said...

Yes, you do have a talented sister! Those are beautiful! Everyone, give Rachel's sister a round of applause *round of applause sounds from the crowd*


Cassie said...

Those are gorgeous! I'll bet that you can't wait until you turn 18!!!... =D

tinydancer said...

ooooooooohh........ Ii love the roses, and the last one is AMAZING....

Rachael said...

I'll tell Bek that you all raved :)
Cassie, I'm absolutely looking forward to turning 18 :P wonder what picture I'll get...

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