Friday, March 11, 2011

Dancing with the Phantom ~

Hello all!!

It's been absolutely ages since we've posted on here, and I finally got an idea for a post, so I pounced!!

If you'll remember, Christine was a part of the dance corps when it all began. So, I looked up Phantom of the Opera dancing, thinking that of course at least one of the numerous movies or plays made would have a good dance corps.

Apparently, not.

Maybe it's because I'm personally a dancer, a ballerina actually, but the pictures I was able to pull up were terrible! From what Google has been able to show me, none of the movies made so far have had an even descent dance corps!!! I was so surprised! I mean, honestly. If it was that big in the book, why not in the movie? I don't remember it being a part of the Emmy Rossum movie at all!!!

But anyway, once again it might be because I'm a dancer. How does it effect you? Does it really effect you at all? Is it because it was something you really wanted to see, or is it just because they didn't keep to the book? Or did you even notice?

And here's a little extra, because this is one good picture that I did find on my scavenger hunt.

Be blessed in your endeavors,

"Night time sharpens, heightens each sensation..."

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