Friday, November 27, 2009

A favorite excerpt of the Book~

From Chapter 4, Box Five.
He recognized the clumsy childish hand. He opened the letter and read:

I am sorry to have troubled you at a time when you must be so very busy, renewing important engagements, signing fresh ones and generally displaying your excellent taste. I know what you have done for Carlotta, Sorelli and little Jammes and for a few others whose admirable qualities of talent or genius you have suspected. Of course, when I use these words, I do not mean to apply them to La Carlotta, who sings like a squirt and who ought never to have been allowed to leave the Ambassadeurs and the Cafe Jacpuin; nor to La Sorrelli, who owes her success mainly to the couch builders; nor to little Jammes, who dances like a calf in a field. And I am not speaking of Christine Daae either, though her genius is certain, whereas your jealousy prevents her from creating any important part. When all is said, you are free to conduct your little business as you think best, are you not?
All the same, I should like to take advantage of the fact that you have not turned Christine Daae out of doors by hearing her this evening in the part of Siebel, as that of Margarita has been forbidden her since her triumph of the other evening; and I will ask you not to dispose of my box today nor on the following days, for I can not end this letter without telling you how disagreeably surprised I have been once or twice, to hear, on arriving at the Opera, that my box had been sold, at the box office, by your orders.
I did not protest, first, because I dislike scandal, and, second, because I thought that your predecessors, MM. Debienne and Poligny, who were always charming to me, had neglected, before leaving, to mention my little fads to you. I have now received a reply from those gentlemen to my letter asking for an explanation, and this reply proves that you know all about my memorandum-book and, consequently, that you are treating me with outrageous contempt. If you wish to live in peace, you must not begin by taking away my private box.
Believe me to be, dear Mr. Manager, without prejudice to these little observations.
Your Most Humble and Obedient Servant,
Opera Ghost.

I love that part. :) and to finish this post up, I think I'll quote a completely different book which seems, in some way, to contribute to this letter. It is from The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner, and reads as follows:
"His ability to portray a world of threat in so few words was amazing."
- Gen.

anyway, I think my work here is done for the present!

"No more talk of darkness.
Forget these wide eyed fears!
I'm here, with you beside you,
To guard you and to guide you..."


Cassie said...

What a wonderful idea to post parts from the book!
Erik writes very well and I like how he calls his quirks 'fads'.

Anyway, I conclude by saying that this was a great post and I'll probably do something like it soon. What a marvelous idea!


Eldarwen Failariel said...

I am currently on chapt. 7 in the novel and I L-O-V-E it so far!!!! Thanks for reccomending it, Cassie. I might have never thought to read the book if you hadn't mentioned it. I think it's great idea, too! :D


Anonymous said...

thanks to both of you!!! XD
I will admit I have a few flashes of brilliance. *glares at ivorydancer: Don't say anything.*
Thanks again, though! :)
ps: i love how he calls them "fads" too. :P

Cassie said...

Eldarwen- Isn't the novel spectacular?!?!? You are welcome, my dear. I thought that you would enjoy reading it so you would understand better some of the discussions on this site.

Tinydancer- Yes, dear. They are *quite* brilliant!

Eldarwen said...

Cassie: Yes, it is spectacular! :)

Rachael said...

Yeah... love that part! I like how it always is said about his 'clumsy, childish hand'. You get a picture of an innocent, helpless being that your heart instantly goes out to :')

Cassie said...

Amen Rachael!!! Awww... You hit the nail on the head. Now I want to cry because of Christine's selfishness! Erik! I'm here for you!

Wouldn't everyone here want to offer their should for him to cry on- with or without his mask?

Eldarwen said...

I definitely would, Cassie! *sob* Erik, I'll comfort you!

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