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How the different actors portray the Phantom...

I think I'm truly writing this in response to the last post by ivorydancer, so I'll be using the same pictures (which also saves me the time that I would have to spend looking up pics).
And yes, it pains me to say it, but... the Phantom is ("Phantom, forgive me")... hideous. That's why the original Phantom looks like this:

I mean, according to Joseph Buquet, he isn't supposed to have a nose! He's supposed to look like walking Death.
That's why, in the last song "Down Once More," he says, "This face, which earned, a mother's fear and loathing, a mask, my first unfeeling scrap of clothing..."
Now what kind of a mother would "loathe" this, I ask you?

So, while I agree with everyone on the matter of Gerard Butler's looks, I don't think he plays the sort of Phantom he could play. The Phantom is supposed to be hideous. That is not hideous!

Everyone share their thoughts!!! tell me what you think and who you think the better Phantom is... :)


"Turn your face away
From the garish light of day,
Turn your thoughts away from cold, unfeeling light
And listen to the Music of the Night..."


Cassie said...

I just posted this comment on the post below, but I thought I'd put it here so all can see it.
Gerard is VERY handsome, and, in real life, that is NOT a bad thing! But, he is supposed to be portraying the Phantom who is supposed to be REVOLTINGLY ugly and deformed looks. Doesn't it seem like Gerard gave the wrong impression of that?

I look forward to watching the debate... =D

Eldarwen Failariel said...

Okay, now I get it. :) I can not see how anyone could loathe that face! *giggles* He has a nice voice, but you're right, he doesn't play the "hideous" part very well. :/ Sorry Gerard, you're still handsome, but you're out o' the job! LOL =D I still like Gerard the best, though, because I haven't seen any of the others in "action", so I wouldn't be able to tell. :)

Love & hugs,

Anonymous said...

lol.... :P

Eldarwen Failariel said...

:P, 2 u 2 <3

Ivorydancer said...

I totally agree. That is why we are supposed o feel sorry for him... the phantom isn't just any man who puts on a mask.

Anonymous said...

*sniff* i know... i love him anyway!.....
<3 <3<3<3<3<3

Eldarwen Failariel said...

Yeah, Ivory's right. But, I did feel bad for the Gerard Phantom because of the songs he sang. Like, No On Would Listen. I cried. :'( I didn't feel bad for him because of his face, because it wasn't really that ugly. I just felt bad because some of the words in the songs made me think, "poor guy! Christine should've chosen him!" But, Raoul is rather handsome, too *giggles*. And the Phantom murdered people. :/

Anonymous said...

yes, the phantom is a murderer.
"This fate which condemns me to wallow in blood"..... it was also really sad because he didn't really seem to have a choice. It wasn't that he specifically liked killing (in my opinion), but it was that he couldn't see any other way of getting what he needed! I mean, how many people would go around handing out jobs to freaky dudes wearing masks?

Cassie said...

Eldarwen- Have you ever considered reading the novel?

And tinydancer, I agree with you completely!

Rachael said...

YES, TINYDANCER!!!!! that's what I've been trying to get across :) But the top one isn't exactly what he's meant to look like either :0
i'm too fussy to be pleased, it seems :P haha

Anonymous said...

well, it's not specificly original, but it got my point across better, i think, than the other pictures did in the below post, and i didn't have time to browse the web for a more accurate picture at the time. :)
sorry anyway, though.

Anonymous said...

As a fellow POTO "phan" I must say that for the movie I think Gerard Butler was the best choice because though originally the phantom was a hideous creature, that's not what you want to see in a movie. I'm not the kind of person to cry for movies but for the POTO I felt I had to cry, everything about the movie was so excellently produced. Now, tell me, would you feel like crying for a movie which rescued Christine from a gargoyle of a monster like the phantom? Plus, he'd probably give most people nightmares if they made the phantom look like he was supposed to. :p Thus, for the movie I think Gerard Butler was the best choice.

P.S. The phantom is supposed to draw out your pity and as he did with Christine. She saw his hideousness and her feminine sympathy was drawn out, in our modern day people simply would not have felt sympathy for a gargoyle.

One more thing: True as Eldarwen Failariel brought up, the phanotom was a murdurer, this was why my Mom didn't like him and I agree he was. No reasoning or explanation can take this fact away, however let me show you how I see it. I think he was *somewhat* justified in his murders because the phantom was pretty much the king of the opera house. True, a tyrannical king but a king all the same. His word was law, now in England back in the time in which the movie is set, if someone disobeyed the monarchy they were liable to death as punishment, same here with the phantom. Basically, Phantom is king, you disobey him, you suffer the consequences of treason. Got it?
So, yep, that's my lengthy opinion of the phantom of the opera. What do you girls think?

Eldarwen said...

tinydancer: Yes, it does sort o' seem like he didn't really have a choice. :'( Poor thing. If I was his mother, I wouldn't loathe him. But, then again, I'm a Christian. Also, without his mother loathing him, where would this spectacular novel be??? :)

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